Ale Tales
Beer and Banter

S2E6 - London Calling

They may be a bunch of Southern fairies, but they sure do make good beer.

Beers this episode: 1. Brick Brewery x Fallen Brewing, Starting on Heaven, Session Helles, 3.8% 2. BOXCAR Brewery, Home Over There, IPA, 6.5% 3. BBNo, Old Tom Gin, Saison, 5.0% 4. Hammerton Brewery, Chicha Sour, Maize Morada Sour, 4.9% Wildcard: Pressure Drop, Holiday Rules, Raspberry and Chocolate Brownie Stout, 10%

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S2E5 - S02E05 SALTy Goodness

Disgusting name, loud episode =D

S2E4 - S02E04 A Cheeky Pre-Stag Korean (with oodles of intrigue)

Cheeky and intriguing...

S2E3 - S02E03 Don't Mess With Yorkshire

Yorkshire! Yorkshire! Yorkshire!

S2E2 - S02E02 Land's End to John O'Groats

Life's about the journey

S2E1 - S02E01 The Boys are Back

We're back baby!

S1E3 - S01E03 All American Ale

'Merica, feck yeah!

S1E2 - S01E02 Danish Douchebaggery

We're the douche-bags, not the Danes

S1E1 - S01E01 The Pilot

Everything starts somewhere