Ale Tales
Beer and Banter

S2E10 -Pants are always Optional

We drink no fewer than five beers while discussing the good, the bad, and the ugly of the craft beer scene.

Beers featured in this episode: Dogma Brewery, Flying Dogma, Galaxy IPA, 6.6% Pomona Island, It’s Never Been Like That, DH Pale, 5.3% Horizont, Gentle Bastard, IPA, 6% Lervig, Pants Optional DDH IPA, 5.5% Wiper and True, Milkshake, Stout, 5.6%

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In Conversation with Brew Republic

We chat to Andy Babbage of Brew Republic about all things beer.

In conversation with Great Newsome Brewery

Ale Tales talks all things beer with Great Newsome Brewery director Matthew Hodgson.

S2E9 -Getting Down and Dirty in Gose Town

We drink three beers, talk about new beers, and discuss weird obsessions.

Juice Willis Would Kick Juice Lee's Ass

Yippee ki-yay, Juice Willis takes the belt.

S2E8 -I Could Drink that all Deya

We get all hyper on lockdown and drink some "hype" beers...while still in lockdown.

S2E7 -Loco Lockdown Special

Drinking by yourself is never a good idea...

S2E6 -London Calling

They may be a bunch of Southern fairies, but they sure do make good beer.

S2E5 -S02E05 SALTy Goodness

Disgusting name, loud episode =D